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Redesign Subnetonline, online subnet calculator and network tools

We can no longer ignore the fact that IPv6, the protocol to replace IPv4, is just around the corner. Although at least another two years will pass before this major change becomes widely visible, we come prepared. With our growing set of IPv6 tools we offer you a means to test your IPv6 enabled and internet connected devices. Take a look at our IPv4 to IPv6 converterIPv6 subnet calculator and tools like Ping6, Traceroute6 and Tracepath6. And only recently we added an IPv6 enabled Online Port Scanner to test the connectivity of your services on IPv6 enabled servers. And what about the option to check AAAA (IPv6) records using our online DIG tool?
Just check back often to find more and more IPv6 tools to assist in your daily tasks.


Mobile Enable Tools

A mobile, compact version of several SubnetOnline web enabled network tools is under development. This will allow you to PING, TracePath and scan ports from your PDA, SmartPhone or other mobile phone capable of browsing the internet.
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What is new on subnet online, online ping, port scanner and HTTP Header check... Besides major design changes, we have also changed or added:


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