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HEX Subnet Calculator

Created by Jason Sears
, member of the Network Support Services group in Data Network, Planning, Support of Mizzou Telecom.

The purpose of this project is to develop a subnet calculator that is both an applet and application that is platform independent. In order to run this as an application it is necessary to have a java version 1.1 compliant run-time environment. This requires either IE4.0 with the updated virtual machine from Microsoft, or Netscape 4.5. If you are interested in having this applet as desktop application, please contact me.

Once, you have input the IP address and adusted your mask as desired, you may then click on the Calculate button. This will then calculate the first and last address for the subnet as well as the Multicast addresses.

If an additional function seems to make sense and you would like to make a request that it be added. Please, let me know and I'll see if it is possible.



7:45 Friday, 1-8-99

GUI ported to AWT from AFC

15:45 Thursday, 1-14-99

Calculate button made functional

10:15 Friday, 1-15-99>

Clear button made functional


Fixed focus for short octets


Modified groupings and output area


Known Bugs:

Allows characters other than numbers as input.

Periods should advance cursor in input windows, works in application not IE4.0 Applet

Short octets i.e. less than 3 digits cause focus problem.

Clear button not functional as of yet.