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Februari 2013

We made a few minor changes to the online tools. IPv4 and IPv6 Ping tools now offer the ability to set a 'don't fragment' bit to test the MTU size. Besides this addition, we did some major reprogramming on the back-end used with most of our tools. This new code solves a problem where multiple running instances of same tool could interfere with each other and corrupt the output.

The online port scanners now displays not only the port number you scanned, but will try and find the matching service name that is 'generally' used for the scanned port.


December 2012

A few small adjustments have been made. Our online DIG tool is now able to do reverse lookups. Reverse lookups — mapping addresses to names — are simplified by this small alteration. Our Online HTTP Header tool now supports other ports and does not add a trailing / behind the URL given. This way you can get HTTP Header responses from services behind ports other than port 80 and the removal of the trailing slash allows testing of applications that are serving from pages and not folders. Last, but not least we added a Online Password Generator page. We will improve on this page in the near future and add even stronger combinations to be used for Wireless networks or pre-shared key generation.

Update 2: We added SRV record lookups to our DIG tool and allowed the use of the _ (underscore) charadcter, required for most SRV record types. Example of supported SRV records type:


December 2011

We finally moved to another hosting partner. We have grown in visitors and needed more resources to facilitate this. Besides the resources we also have a faster IPv6 connection, which should benefit the speed of our IPv6 tools. Besides the move, we updated the IPV4 cheat to include the reference to the original creator/poster. Thansk Jim, for pointing this out to us and refering us to the original.


March 2010

Nothing much has changed since we moved to the new hosting platform. Besides some system maintenance, all seems to be working as expected (finally). However, we do have a little something to celebrate: Our online PING and Portscan tools have been used over 50.000 times since the move last October.


October 2009

IPv6 is putting us to the test! Our current hoster has some major problems maintaining a stable IPV6 connection with the rest of the world. It took some time (almost two months), but they finally solved the connections problems by again moving us to antoher hosting platform. And as you can see, it's back online. I say this with a little shame, as two months without our most used toolset is long...

We hope that the current solution holds up and that we can keep offering our toolset without disruption.


August 2009

It has been a long month! Due to some flaws in the management software of our hoster, an unplanned move to another platform was performed. Due to this move the IPv6 connection has been down for quit some time. Several weeks to be exact, which is about a few weeks to long.

But we are back and with the new IPv6 connection the website and tools are better and faster then before. As an extra we have added error reporting to our port scanners (IPv4 and IPv6) to assist in the debugging of connections. This error message gives a better understanding to why the connection could not be established.


December 2008

Due to the many other commitments December has to offer, we only made some minor changes:

  • Online SMTP Response now offers an advanced output selection, like with our Online HTTP Header tool. Helo for simple, EHLO for advanced. To prevent abuse of this tool, the output is limited to the first response and EHLO output only. Connection are automaticly closed after this point.


November 2008

The past two months we have further tested and played with IPv6 features. If you are IPv6 enabled, try visiting us at This is our new IPv6 entrance and will only work if you are IPv6 ready, including DNS resolving. Look at the bottom of the page for the "WE CONNECT VIA ..." text to confirm if you are IPv4 or IPv6 connected. The menu items still refer to, but this is just a first step... 


September 2008

This month's changes will focus on IPv6 support and extra tools or options for our existing online network tools:

  • Added AAAA Record query support to our online DIG tool. You can now query a Nameserver for AAAA (IPv6) records.
  • The Online Ping IPv4 tool and the Online Port Scanner now support external linking with preset options. To allow our tools to be used by other webmasters or as link from your Favourites list, we now allow some preset options to be specified. Visit the page of each tool for more details.
  • Added an IPv6 capable Online Port Scanner. This scanner supports IPv6 IP adresses. 


Juli 2008

After the launch last month quit a few changes have  been made. As this is  just the beginning of more additions and changes, we will start of Juli with:

  • Added an IPv6 subnet calculator. This calculator is created by Rhys Koedijk as a studyproject for Wellington Institute of Technology. Minor changes to the code have been made by Subnetonline to support Internet Explorer browsers and by Rhys Koedijk to correct the code to further prevent subnetting beyond /64. (2 Juli)
  • Changed the online DIG tool and allowed for more selectable options, like lookup type and free choice name server. (13 Juli)


June 2008

Launch of our new and improved website. We have completely redesigned This has resulted in several major changes:

  • The look (cosmetics) en navigation have been altered after 9 years. Yes, i know, it was about time. The template is loosely based on the Orange Sunset template of D. Carter at carterdesign. (9 June)
  • We have moved from static HTML pages with some CGI, Perl, JS and PHP code to a completely PHP/CSS driven site with some JS elements, including Central Content Management. (9 June)
  • Our code is now fully complaint with W3C XHTML1.0 Transitional standard for the most part of the website. All CSS styles are W3C CSS 3.0 compliant. (9 June)
  • We have reprogrammed almost all of our network tools (Ping, Traceroute, NSLookup etc) from Perl to PHP. This has resulted in a better integration with our website and the possibility to unlock more features. (9 June)
  • We now have our own internal search option, so we no longer have to rely on Google for this. (9 June)
  • The money generated through the Google Ads have allowed us to upgrade our hostingplan. This should benefit the performance of the website and it's tools and also allow for future expansion with even more online tools. (9 June)
  • We added a port checker, that allows you to check if a port/listener on an internetfacing device or host is open/reachable. Besides this new addition we also added three new IPv6 tools. (18 June)
  • We started a Mobile Beta to publish some of our IPv4 Tools on a web layout that is suitable for viewing using a PDA, SmartPhone or other mobile device, capable of browsing the internet. (23 June)
  • Our Online Ping tool (IPv4, IPv6 and Mobile Ping) allows for more user selectable options, like TTL, Packet Size (MTU) and ping count. (30 June)

Okt 2007

  • Changed the Menu - Calculators is now Subnet Calculators
  • Changed the index page (catergory titels, metatags and links), corrected several small problems and added an experimental RSS Feed containing static links to our tools. In the comming weeks i will add more links to this RSS feed for the Subnet Calculators making the ideal portable online toolkit.
  • Added a new Subnet Calculator: IP & Subnet Mask or CIDR calculator A very detailed IP & Mask or CIDR calculator with Wilcard support, shows detailed results in Decimal and Binary notation.
  • Added a new IPv4 to IPv6 Subnet Calculator: IP subnet calculator and converter for IPv4 and IPng/IPv6. This IPv4 to/and IPv6 Subnet Calculator aka IP subnet calculator and converter for IPv4 and IPng/IPv6 will aid in the calculation and conversion of IPv4 and IPv6 IP address ranges.
  • is now linked from several well known sites and directories, such as and


Sep 2007

  • Changed the output page of the online network tools to include a print function and additional information on the executed query
  • Added the HTTP query tool to the online network tools. This tool queries a given website and shows the response, such as HTTP source. A great tool to see if your webpage is available from the internet
  • Added the SMTP Response query tool to the online network tools. This tool queries a given mailserver and shows the response. A great tool to see if your mailserver is available from the internet
  • Changed some text and page titels

Aug 2007

  • Changed the Menu Bar and removed unused/empty categories
  • Changed Advertising Provider to Google AdSense, since the previous provider had some viral and pop-up problems! I'm very sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Changed Statistics Checking and now use Google Analytics
  • Rearrenged the main page and removed some old links
  • Changed some text on several pages and corrected some misspellings
  • Fixed several errors in CGI Scripts and Calculators (long overdue)