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How did it all start?

And there was live.......... Not the most original way to start, but it all started out as a not so serious endavour. The first site, named iHide, was designed to prove to a friend that if you had the right content and a bit of creativity, you could make a small website in a matter of days. Two days to be exact. Although this site was far from perfect, it contained some of the basic elements that still has; simple, straightforward, fast and good content. When the point was proven, I was stuck with an addiction. This addiction is what you see in front of you, a website with everything that I started out as a test, but is now far from that.


The Content

The content of is an other story all together. Administering several customer networks, I stumbled upon a few to many problems originating from the basic part of a network, the TCP/IP protocol suite. When studying on a part of TCP/IP for the TCP/IP exam, I used that material to put together the first site. Little by little began to grow to what it is now, and it will keep on growing for as long as I learn more. And the name It was also a quick action. The first name was 'I hide at tripod' because it was nothing more than a free, hidden site on the internet, not ment for traffic. When the need for space became bigger, we moved to a new location at and offered our visitors support of CGI and Perl scripts as well as SSI, which enhanced the look and funcionality of the website. By the time visitors started coming to this site in great numbers, I wanted to register the name, but (as expected) it was already taken. A logical extension behind made the name Together with the registration of the name, I purchased a hosting account to host I hoped that I could cover the costs by advertising on this new site. After a few months i saw that this was an illusion. The revenue made through advertising covered about 50 percent of the costs, but no harm done. The addiction was strong enough to survive this financial barrier.
As of August 2007 we switched to Google Adsense, which provided a better revenue. With the extra income we purchased an even bigger hosting plan in may 2008, which offers even more control, functionality and support for IPv6. At the moment we are connected to the internet using IPv4 and IPv6 6to4 tunnel). And here we are...


Source and Contributers

Although it began small, I put a lot of time and effort into to make it a resource to others. I hope you enjoy , because it is here for you. Any suggestions or remarks are welcome, and any additional content that is relative to will gladly be taken in to consideration.

An last but not least: This site is not an one man job. Some parts are created/developed by others, who are more skilled with certain parts, like Java, JavaScript, Perl or PHP. Some have created their code to be free to the public, others made their source code avalible with permission to publish it on I would like to thank everyone who helped to put the present together and make it a valuable resource to others.

Other Sites

Development of our online tools is conducted together with This site offers clean and straightforward online network tools, supporting IPv4 and IPv6. Some of the developments that have been applied on will return on, like the Online MTU test and HTTP Header test.

Peter van den Steen