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Online TraceRoute

Traceroute is a computer network tool used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network.

The traceroute tool is available on practically all Unix-like operating systems. Variants with similar functionality are also available, such as tracepath on modern Linux installations and tracert on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Windows NT-based operating systems also provide pathping, which provides similar functionality.
Source: WikiPedia

An IPv6 version of this tool is available here!


What does the Output of Online Traceroute mean?

This online tool traces the route your packets follows from this webserver to any (reachable) destination on the internet. Enter the domain name or IP number of the webserver you want to test e.g., Be patient, this script may take upto 60 seconds to return any results, it does not print out the lines one by one, just returns the whole traceroute.